WordPress backups: UpdraftPlus can’t create backup folder

If you need a good WordPress backup solution, I highly recommend UpdraftPlus (free edition, the pro version is called UpdraftPlus Premium). If you have a problem where Updraft can’t crate the backup folder (red worded error message on the settings page, here’s what to do:

Login to your website with FTP or use the file manager in cPanel, and create the updraft folder inside the wp-content folder of your site.


Then, right click and select Permissions. This only worked when I changed it to 777, but that is somewhat insecure. It is something to try if you can’t get the backups working.

Save Web Hosting Space: Prevent WordPress from Generating Unneeded Images


WordPress is great for many things, but there are a few things it does by default that are a little annoying. One of these is that WordPress generates various sizes of thumbnails without asking you which you want or need. By default you get the thumbnail size (approx. 150px), medium size (approx. 250 – 300px), and large size (approx. 500 – 800px), and the icon size to use in the interface (approx 32px), besides the original image you upload, which is whatever size you uploaded. This happens for every single image you upload, so you get 5-6 images by default for EACH IMAGE. That adds up fast. That can crash your website or gobble up your hosting space fast.

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